Welcome to "World Wide Live Feedback"!

WWLFBOur service is specially built to help you get in touch with your customers, citizens or even fans in real time.

If you need to know the impact of your products on any market on Earth, if you are a health organization and you must build a strategy for helping a specific area or if you are a government entity and you need to find out how your policies are affecting your citizens, you are in the right place. You will be able to collect, analyze and finally use a big database of information sent directly to you from your most important partners: your clients, targeted people or your inhabitants by using "World Wide Live Feedback".

You can create an account on our site if you are:

  • a company: national or multinational
  • a non profit organization: foundation, association, found, ecologist movement, religious organization etc.
  • a public sector entity: Government Agency, City Hall, Multinational Organism etc.
  • a public figure: royalty, politician, musician etc.

Our services are charged with $5 per month. The first six months are free for each new created account. You can pay in advance for your account for as many months as you wish.

All the non profit organisations will be able to use our services for free because our wish is to support them in their quest for building a better world for everyone.

The steps for receiving "live feedback" are the following:

  1. Create a feedback email for receiving "live feedback" or use the customer service email you already have;
  2. Create your account on our site. You will be able to check your feedback messages from everywhere by loging on our specially developed web application. We also can redirect all the feedback we will receive directly to your own email;
  3. Start receiving feedback for all over the world!
  4. Sign Up Now Entity Login Contact us